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Oh No! It’s the end of the world….quick, grab your DVDs!

First, I’m sorry it has been so long. Nothing bad going on – I’ve just been up to other hobbies and somewhat lazy about posting. But to get back into the swing of things I thought I’d do something a little different. So, here goes…

I’m about to be marooned on the proverbial desert island and can only take 5 movies with me…the last 5 movies I’ll ever see again….(wipes tear from eye wistfully).

I know this blog is all about the classics but if we’re talking about a lifetime of just 5 movies – I’m probably going to throw in one or two newer ones. Be ye warned.

In no particular order – just the list of 5 movies I would grab first. This is a sort-of favorite list but it’s really a 5 movies I never get sick of list.

1.) The Maltese Falcon

I don’t exactly know why but whenever I decide to watch a movie but can’t really decide which one, this one usually winds up in my hands and on the way to my DVD player. It’s sort of my go-to movie. Even though the surprises are gone for me, I still love the dialog and watching Sam Spade unravel the clues. Were I stuck on a desert island, losing my mind….I think I’d like to remember how the ‘real world’ wasn’t always so nice and maybe I’m better off.

2.) Psycho

Now I know you’ll think I’m some weirdo…who wants Psycho to be one of their only movie options? Well…I do. Here’s why: Like The Maltese Falcon, this is one of my go-to movies. It didn’t used to be. I’m a huge Hitchcock fan so of course, I always liked it. But for some reason, in the past few years I’ve watched it a lot more and came to understand why it’s the masterpiece it truly is and the incredible impact it had on film history. I almost always notice something new or find another reason to appreciate it even more every time I watch it. I definitely plan on dedicated a post to this movie someday. I just know as I’m sitting in my palm frond hut I’ll want to remember I’m not alone….”we all go a little mad sometimes.”

3.) It’s a Wonderful Life

If you’re feeling down or like the whole world’s against you, this is the cure. I would need this movie for a few reasons. First, Christmastime is my absolute favorite time of the year and Christmas isn’t Christmas without this movie…. and Miracle on 34th Street but I can only pick one and It’s a Wonderful Life has to be it. The second reason I’d need this with me – it’s just so darn nice. It’s the ultimate story of a nice guy who doesn’t finish last and I think I’d want to see that as I build my rickety raft.

4.) Forrest Gump

I just like this movie. In a strange way, it’s a little bit like It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s just a very hopeful kind of movie. It shows that no matter how bad and mean people can treat you that you can turn the other cheek and go on to great things. Even if it is in a haphazard, just fall into it sort of way. When I need to calm myself down and hope for the best, this is what I’ll watch.

5.) Singin’ In the Rain

It’s just happy. I love a lot of musicals but I think I’d want this one because when hurricane season rolls around, at least I can think about dancing and singing in the rain…no one’s there to see my feeble attempt anyways!

Since I feel like Ill be cheating on my other favorites…Here’s the top movies I’ll inevitably miss and wish I managed to take with me too….

Goldfinger and Casino Royale (my favorite Bond movies)

Out of the Past and Laura (for my Noir fix)

Animal Crackers

His Girl Friday

Rio Bravo


The Searchers


Some Like it Hot


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